This year might still not be the year for you to become a permanent backseat driver. But the involvement of big tech companies has recalibrated the future of autonomous technology towards a more substantial goal. They have put their technological experience and money to reach new milestones. Below are some of the top autonomous vehicles from the industry leaders:

1. Google
Waymo is a self-driving car unit of Google parent Alphabet Inc. Waymo’s sophisticated technology and the number of kilometers driven sets it ahead of the competition. In 2021, Waymo secures the top position in the list of the autonomous vehicle industry. It packs high-resolution cameras, an assortment of sensors, LiDAR (light detection and ranging), and microphones that can detect sirens from emergency vehicles. The car’s computational capacity combines all of these to provide safety measures on the real road.

2. GM
GM’s (General Motors) Cruise arguably falls next in line as one of the top autonomous vehicles of 2021. Although the car looks like a standard hatchback, it is more than that. The Cruise is designed with cutting-edge technology that integrates at the hardware and the software level. The AI and the embedded systems of this car connect with the reality to provide a safe autonomous vehicle experience.

3. Ford
Ford Motor is not lagging in the game. Their Argo AI tests autonomous vehicles. Along with the power of the cloud-support, the top-notch hardware, and software support from Argo AI, Ford is currently testing their self-driving capacity using Ford Fusion cars. With Argo AI, Ford is on the right track of training its autonomous vehicles to navigate real-road difficulties. Ford proposes to deploy commercial robo-taxis in multiple cities of the country.

4. Aurora
Innovation Aurora Innovation is another leading name in 2021 for its autonomous test vehicles. Aurora is emphasizing on building robo-taxis with their technologies. The custom-built hardware, top of the line software for better localization, perception, planning, and control make Aurora’s autonomous engineering robust. Hence, automakers, including Hyundai and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, have partnered with Aurora Innovation to test autonomous cars.

5. Aptiv
Aptiv is also a serious player in the autonomous vehicle industry. This company also focuses on commercializing its autonomous mobility technology. Training its vehicles to handle challenging urban driving environments, Aptiv aims to deploy large scale point-to-point self-driving solutions. Their vehicles equipped with a range of radars, multiple cameras, robust GPS antennas, and other safety features have already been deployed in some areas such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Boston. Apart from these leading names, other companies like Tesla, Baidu, BMW, and Audi are focused on building superior technologies for autonomous mobility. The goal of every autonomous vehicle is to master all the intricacies and technicalities of real-world driving. The success rate of these top autonomous vehicles of 2021 shows that a thrilling future lies ahead.