Everyone loves a natural glow, regardless of age. However, after a certain age, maintaining younger-looking skin is difficult. To help you glow, regardless of your age, here are the five best natural skincare for aging skin tips. There are many skincare brands that develop anti-aging products, such as Erno Laszlo and Kolh’s, but get rid of the chemical and paraben-filled products and keep it natural.

1. Avocados
Avocados are an excellent example of healthy fat. These have several health benefits for your body, including your skin. When you eat avocados, your skin feels moisturized, and it maintains its elasticity. Studies suggest that women who consume a reasonable amount of healthy fat are blessed with bouncy and supple skin. UV damage tends to cause wrinkles and accelerates the skin’s aging process. Avocados contain compounds that shield your skin from sun damage. They are also a phenomenal source of Vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant that guards your skin against oxidative damage. The problem in an American diet is that Vitamin E is insufficient. So, the consumption of avocados will make up for that. Avocados also have a high Vitamin C content. When Vitamin E and Vitamin C combine, they bring in great results. Vitamin C is also a necessary nutrient for healthy skin. It protects the skin from oxidative damage and the harmful rays of the sun.

2. Walnuts
Walnuts increase collagen production as they are a high source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Collagen is necessary to better the skin’s elasticity. As a result, it guards the skin against sagging. Thus, collagen is vital to ensure that your skin looks youthful and plump. The Omega-3 acids present in walnuts also help lower the risk of heart disease and stress.

3. Coconut oil or water
One of the best things about coconuts is that nothing ever goes to waste when you use it for active skincare. As you crack open a coconut, you can first drink the coconut water. It is a rich source of electrolytes and potassium, which helps relax, replenish, and hydrate the skin. Regular consumption of coconut in your diet, in any form, provides you with soft and younger-looking skin. You can also consume coconut oil as it helps heal the gut.

4. Oats
Oats are an excellent source of selenium. Selenium is an antioxidant compound that shields the cells from damage. It keeps blood sugar levels in control that can lead to skin problems. It also firms and strengthens body tissues. Oats are also an excellent source of silicon. Silicon is a trace mineral, which retains skin flexibility, and reduces the signs of aging.

5. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, a potent antioxidant that shields the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. People who consume a minimum of five tablespoons of tomato are 33% more protected against sunburn.