Many people have unwanted hair on their toes, back, cheeks, upper lip, feet, fingers, and chin. Some are okay with it, while others may not be so. This is because of several different reasons, such as higher levels of hormones, genetics, medications or steroids, and conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome. Let us read about the different hair removal products that one can use to get rid of this excess hair.

1. Plucker or tweezer
One of the most common hair removal methods is plucking or tweezing. It can be used when you only have a few hair that you wish to get rid of. People generally use plucking to get rid of some stray hair on their face or reshape the eyebrows. You should not use this hair removal method for larger areas, as it can lead to scarring or ingrown hair. It can also be slightly painful.

2. Depilatory creams
This is a common hair removal method that works by dissolving the hair. You can use this method in thick layers over larger body areas such as arms, underarms, or legs. After applying the cream, you can leave it on for a few minutes before finally wiping it off. It is vital to understand that these creams will only remove the hair slightly below the skin level. However, it may not be the most preferred choice of hair removal when dealing with coarse body hair. More so, these have chemicals in them, which have a bit of an odor. Though painless, they do have a slight tingling sensation. However, if the cream is causing any pain, you need to wash it off immediately. This pain could indicate that your skin is too sensitive, or maybe you have left the product on for longer than usual. Since the hair is removed only slightly below the skin level, it grows back in one to three days.

3. Epilators
These are hand-held devices that come with the head of a rotating tweezer. You can run the epilator’s head across the skin’s surface to get rid of all the unwanted hair. It can be used on all body parts such as your face, bikini area, arms, underarms, and legs. The good thing about epilators is that the hair does not grow back for up to four weeks. It can be a bit painful as epilators can catch even tiny hair.

4. Razors
Shaving is one of the most painless methods of hair removal. Unfortunately, it might not give you the best results. When you use razors to get rid of the unwanted hair, the skin underneath can feel dry and scratchy with the new growth coming back the next day itself.

So, these are the different types of hair removal products.