Many people will tell you that Body odor is the scent of bacteria growth on the body, while in fact this is false! Body odor is actually the resulting scent of bacteria breaking down proteins into certain acids. These scents can happen prominently during puberty, people who are obese, or regularly eat spicy foods. Here are some cool tips to keep the stink away:

1. Bathe daily and whenever you exercise

The best way to beat the stink is to bathe daily and whenever you exercise. Keep in mind that in order to ensure that body odor is eliminated to utilize warm water during your bathing time. If the weather outside happens to be extra hot or warm, perhaps consider to begin bathing more than once a day. Especially remember to bathe after exercises, as your skin will be simply crawling with bacteria after an intense workout!

2. Towel off well after showers

Be certain to towel off well after showers! This makes sure that the water is no longer present on your skin after your bathing time and ensures that the conditions to create and generate bacteria have been minimized and mitigated properly. Too often we forget to dry thoroughly and this can help foster body odor.

3. Use antibacterial soap

The creation of odor inducing bacteria can be absolutely decimated with the application of antibacterial soap. By applying said substance to your skin and scrubbing for roughly 20 seconds and then rinsing the soap from your skin will kill ninety nine point nine percent of germs and bacteria, especially those associated with body odor.

4. Use extra strength antiperspirants

Extra strength deodorant products are designed with body odor in mind. Be sure to apply this deodorant twice per day if you are especially concerned with your scent, and doubly so if the weather is hot and causing your body to perspire.

5. Keep clothing clean and breathable

By wearing natural fibers such as wool, silk, or cotton will allow your skin to breathe. As your skin breathes your sweat will be reduced greatly due to it evaporating more easily off of you when donning a natural fiber as opposed to unnatural fibers such as polyester.

6. Avoid certain sweat triggering foods and drinks

There are a cavalcade of foods and drinks that can trigger sweat and elevated body heat, therefore resulting in body odor. Garlic, curry, and other spicy foods have more than enough potential to generate a more odorous and pungent sweat from one’s body. Some health and nutrition experts even believe that a diet that is high in red meat may also elevate one’s risk of generating a more rapid body odor.

By keeping your body well hydrated and adhering to the tips provided for you above, you can do your part in avoiding body odor and the conditions that allow body odor to thrive. By eliminating your body odor, you are more likely to be well received in social situations, work meetings, and afternoon activities.