All women always search for videos where beauty bloggers post the best ways to apply make-up. Even though most have seen hundreds of such videos, no one ever seems to get the same effect. This is because most are not aware of certain must-know factors. To help you, here are the seven best lip color tips from beauty professionals.

1. Identify skin undertone
Every individual has a different skin undertone that could either be pink or yellow. If you think you know your undertone, one way to make sure is to look at the veins on your wrist. Check if they are green, as this means your skin undertone is a warm yellow. However, if your veins appear to be blue, this means that your skin undertone is cool pink. Those that have a neutral skin undertone would have veins that are both blue as well as green in color.

2. Look out for shades that compliment your undertone
You should always keep an eye out for shades that suit your skin undertone. For those having pink undertones, look out for blue or purple lipstick shades. In cases of those having yellow undertones, it is best to go for warm colors such as orange or red lipstick shades. Those who are blessed with neutral skin undertones can choose to wear any lipstick shade.

3. Finding the right shade of nude
You really need to find a suitable shade if you are looking to wear nude lipstick. Always go for a nude shade that is a little more bright or deeper than your skin color. A lot of women go for very dark shades. But this is a mistake since it results in them looking pale. Choosing a nude shade that is too light would result in an extreme contrast between your lips and the rest of your face. You should always test the lipstick shade to check how it looks on your lips before buying it.

4. Lipsticks for dark skin
For those with a darker skin tone, you can try out shades of red, deep plum, berries, or even deep purple. It is advisable to avoid shades that look too pale or light.

5. Lipsticks for fair skin
The best lipstick shades for those with fair skin tones include certain variations of pink, red, or soft corals.

6. Lipsticks for olive skin
Those with olive skin tones are lucky since most of the lipstick shades look good on them. These shades include pink, red, orange, and nude.

7. Use a lip primer
Using a lip primer is beneficial since it gives you a very smooth look. This also helps in keeping your lips moisturized.

So, these are some of the top lip color tips from beauty professionals.