Treatments for ADHD differ from person to person. This depends on various factors such as their symptoms, age, and their body’s reaction to certain medications. However, while medication is necessary, in many cases, home treatments for ADHD also have proved effective. To help you, here are five home treatments for ADHD.

1. Light therapy
This is quite unknown, but it is very important to keep one’s circadian rhythms in check. For this, an individual has to have an equal balance between the darkness of the night and the sunlight of the day. Light therapy has proven to improve the moods of patients suffering from ADHD. This therapy even helps in reducing symptoms of ADHD that people experience.

2. Behavior therapy
Behavior therapy can go a long way in reducing the disruptive behavioral tendencies of patients suffering from ADHD, especially young children. This approach helps in modifying certain behaviors, which are considered to be problematic. This therapy involves setting up specific rules for the patient to follow and goals that are to be achieved.

3. Changes in diet
A lot of people do not realize this, but changing one’s diet plan can really make a huge difference. For those who suffer from ADHD, following a diet that includes reduced food allergens and low-processed foods can have a huge impact in reducing ADHD symptoms. If there are certain foods that the patient is allergic to, one should be very particular about avoiding them. Also, maintain a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods that contain artificial sweeteners, sugar, dyes, and nitrates.

4. Regular exercise
We all know how important exercise is for our health. Any individual, whether young or old, should ensure they exercise regularly for better overall health. Exercise is very important not only for a person’s physical health but also for their mental health. Not only this, but regular exercise is also beneficial for those who are suffering from ADHD. This helps improve the functioning of the brain and helps young children who have ADHD to improve their focus.

5. Stress management
The symptoms of ADHD might aggravate when a person suffering from it is too stressed. Of course, ADHD itself could add to stress levels. In order to reduce ADHD symptoms, it is important to keep stress levels in check. Scheduling a yoga class, getting a good amount of sleep, or having a light-hearted conversation with a close friend might work wonders for reducing your stress levels.

Here are some of the home treatments for ADHD that you can follow. Before making any dietary changes, do not forget to consult your doctor. Moreover, remember that these are only home remedies, and proper medication and consultation are required to prevent ADHD symptoms from worsening.