Today, scientific medication has allowed us to treat diseases with surgeries and prescribed medication easily. However, many natural aids for erectile dysfunction (ED) are still used widely. ED is a condition that negatively affects a man’s sexual performance as he cannot maintain an erection. This article discusses some natural aids to treat ED.

1. Yohimbe
This is a natural supplement extracted from the bark of the African yohimbe tree. It improves sexual performance. However, yohimbe does have certain side effects like high blood pressure and increased heart rate.

2. Acupuncture
This is a traditional practice where one’s body is stimulated with thin needles. The process releases hormones, regulates blood sugar, and boosts blood circulation, among other benefits. However, this treatment comes with risks such as punctured organs, nerve damages, and infections.

3. Exercise
One can make various lifestyle changes to prevent ED. Exercise is regarded to have a significant impact as it improves blood flow. A regulated blood flow leads to a strong erection, as increased blood pressure improves the nitric oxide within one’s blood vessels.

4. A healthy diet
Maintaining a balanced diet can have a positive impact on ED. A healthy diet includes vegetables, fruits, proteins such as fish and chicken, and whole-grain items. A balanced diet is recommended as it maintains body weight and decreases the risk for vascular diseases and diabetes – factors that contribute to ED.

5. Sleep
Low testosterone levels increase the risk of ED. An improved sleeping pattern determines when the body releases certain hormones. By following a specific sleeping schedule, one can ensure their body’s hormonal system is regulated.

6. Quit smoking
When the penis does not receive adequate blood supply due to the narrowing and blockage of one’s arteries, it can cause ED. By quitting smoking, one can improve blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart attacks and ED.

7. Limit alcohol
One’s central nervous system is vital for releasing nitric oxide, which maintains and produces an erection. Excessive alcohol consumption can act as a depressant, causing temporary and long-term ED. It reduces the central nervous system’s effectiveness and the production of nitric oxide, leading to ED.

8. Limit certain medicines
Antidepressants, chemotherapy, heart medication, high blood pressure medications, antipsychotic drugs, hormone drugs, and male pattern baldness medications, among others, can be reasons for ED. One should take prescribed medicines from the doctor and try to enquire about the side effects before usage.

9. Reduce stress
Mental health stability is affected due to anxiety and stress. This can disrupt the blood flow as the penis does not receive the signals sent by the brain. One can control stress by attending therapy and counseling sessions. Modern techniques to relieve stress include meditation and yoga. Just relaxing is one of the natural aids for erectile dysfunction.