Laptops are an essential part of a kids’ life. But before you buy one, it is vital to understand how and where to start. So, you need to set your priorities. When your kids are getting their first laptop, it is best to start with something that is not very expensive. However, you do not want to buy something that is not durable at the same time. Here are some options to consider.

1. Dell Chromebook
One of the most affordable and ideal laptops for kids is the Dell Chromebook. It offers phenomenal computing power and access to a few more typical computer programs. Before investing in it, you should know that regardless of the brand, a Chromebook will never access the complete suite of programs that may be available to you on iOS or Windows laptops. However, a Chromebook is known to be child-proof. Kids can easily download a few select gaming apps or enjoy some games on their browsers.

It is easy to set up parental control. The number of downloads supported by the laptop is also limited. However, the Dell Chromebook is very durable. It has an HD screen for quality video use. Any child who does not have a massive media creation or gaming requirement will appreciate this Chromebook. It is indeed a budget option, which can cater to your child’s computing requirements.

2. HP Pavilion 14
One of the best and cheapest laptops for kids is the HP Pavilion 14. It brings together the best specifications such as Intel UHG Graphics 620 GPU, 256GB SSD, 8th generation Intel Core i5-8250U CPU, and Intel UHD 8GB RAM. Moreover, the simple, sleek, and stylish look of the laptop are appreciable. For the price tag, you cannot get a more perfect Windows 10 laptop.

HP Pavilion 14 is famous for its good build. It comes with a dedicated HDMI, networking, and USB Type-C ports. A true amalgam of class and efficiency, this is a perfect pick for your kids. The laptop comes with a long battery backup of 11 hours, which is enough for the children to do their homework and enjoy some games on a single charge. The device comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home. Thus, if you seek a laptop with great features, functionality, and price, this one is a good deal.

3. Lenovo Yoga 920
This laptop is known for its superior style and versatility. It is a good pick for kids and college students alike. It is an innovative machine with a two-in-one design to work as a tablet and a computer. Its 360-degree hinged design is a great complement to suit the multi-faceted needs of a child. With a 13.9-inch multi-touch, wide-angle display, vibrant clarity, and 4K resolution, this is one machine the kids and adults will truly appreciate.