Camping provides so many different opportunities for families to make memories that will last a lifetime. It is of the utmost importance that you are prepared when the camping trip comes to fruition though. This article will give you some things to put on that checklist so that you are prepared for the camping trip, whether it is tent camping or camping using an RV:

1. Sleeping bags and bedding
The first is sleeping bags and bedding. To enjoy any camping trip good sleep is critical and without proper sleeping gear it will be difficult to get good sleep. A good rule of thumb is to take extra bedding and even an extra sleeping bag in case of very cold weather. There is no worse feeling than being so cold during the night that you are unable to sleep, so be thorough in your packing of the sleeping gear

2. A water cooler
Water coolers are another must have in the camping list. Clean drinking water is essential and the majority of people prefer their water to be chilled. Having a good water cooler will allow you to carry a lot of water and keep it cold for you and your family to enjoy. Depending on your camping choice and where you are camping, you may want to take a cooler that is animal proof also

3. Fire starter and fuel
A fire starter and wood is another necessity in your camping pack list. Non toxic fire starters can be found at any grocery store and provide plenty of starters in a pack. Depending on where your camping should determine how much wood you take. If you are going somewhere that wood can be gathered, then just pack enough for one good fire. If you are going somewhere that wood is hard to find, pack more, but always have enough for at least one fire

4. First aid kit
First aid kits are incredibly important to have on hand when you go camping. If you are camping with your family and especially if you have kids double check your first aid kid and make sure it is stocked with all the things you might need. Benadryl, band aids, wound cleaner, antiseptic cream, etc.. Think ahead about things you or your family could encounter while camping and then have things in the kit to treat these things. Obviously for medical emergencies contact medical professionals if the need arises

5. Map and compass 
A map and compass are also must haves when you decide to go camping. It is very easy to become disoriented and lose your sense of direction when you are camping. Unfamiliar scenery, and also wooded areas make it very difficult to figure out directions. If you are out on a hike or a walk, it could be easy to lose your sense of direction and become lost

6. Weatherproof clothing and footwear
Last but not least is appropriate clothing and shoes. Weather appropriate clothing and footwear can literally save your life if the weather happened to turn bad and you became stranded. Dry feet is also incredibly important to your overall health as well. Wet feet can lead to bad bacterial infections that can get into your bloodstream. Always plan ahead and have plenty of the right types of clothes and a change of socks and shoes if need be

For obvious reasons camping in a tent will require a few more necessary items to make sure you’re prepared, than if you decide to travel in an RV and camp that way. There are still a few items you must have even in an RV in case something like a breakdown were to occur. Traveling in a RV has lots of benefits, the first is the room for the family during travel. If you’re looking to purchase an RV search for “used camper sales near me” and see what is out there in the market that might fit your budget. Looking at “class RV sale motorhome” is another good search to begin with. However you decide on your travel, camping from RV can be a wonderful experience for the whole family. As previously stated, there are some necessities you always need to make sure are packed for the trip. This checklist will suffice both tent and RV camping.

Camping should be a highlight that creates memories to last a lifetime. Making sure that all the necessities are packed for your trip will ensure that it does become that wonderful trip that you planned it to be. Happy camping!!