Home cleaning is a challenging task, especially if you have a huge house to maintain. That’s where vacuum cleaners come into the picture! There is an overwhelming variety of vacuums in the market, and the primary choice you must make is to make a choice between robot and push vacuums. Let’s make a robot versus push vacuum comparison by considering the benefits of both types to help you make an informed decision.

1. The advantages of robot vacuums

  • High-tech features
    A robot vacuum comes with a random bounce feature, so the device immediately jumps when there’s an obstacle in its course. This type of vacuum also has a wall following technique, so it is smart enough to understand the wall pattern and won’t fall from a steep surface. These improved and high-end features cannot be found in traditional push vacuum cleaners.
  • Great for working individuals
    Working professionals rarely have the time to deep clean their house, but no one likes a dirty place either. How about you just sit on your couch or attend to other things and have your smart robotic vacuum cleaner do the job for you? That’s something you never get with a traditional push vacuum.
  • Can be used by people with restricted mobility
    Many people have low or restricted mobility issues or cannot perform deep cleaning due to a physical health issue. Robot vacuums come in handy in such cases and offer convenience like none other.

2. The advantages of push vacuums

  • Power
    Push vacuum cleaners are larger as compared to robotic ones, so they are endowed with stronger suction power. There’s no doubt that a push cleaner will always be a better choice for deep cleaning, as it will help you get rid of dirt, dust, and anything else significantly better than a robot vacuum.
  • Cheaper
    Conventional push vacuums are cheaper than most robotic vacuums, so if you want a vacuum with the most advanced and latest features within your budget, you should opt for a push vacuum cleaner. In most cases, the price of high-end traditional vacuums is almost as much as that of an entry-level robot vacuum model. So, the push vacuum stands out in the robot versus push vacuums comparison in terms of price and utility.
  • Need regular cleaning
    Don’t we all like having a robot cleaning the home while we sit and relax with our family? The truth is that robot vacuums are not adept at flawless deep cleaning. Also, they are capable of holding the dirt for four rooms at the most, and you will have to empty it after that. Bear in mind that even high-end robot vacuums will need frequent cleaning, so both robot and push vacuums are similar in terms of this feature.