For several first-time hot tub shoppers, finding the right tub for their home can be quite a daunting task. However, it is worth understanding that picking the right hot tub can assure several years of enjoyment with very little work. On the other hand, if you shop for the wrong hot tub, the entire experience can be irritating and disappointing.

To avoid that from happening, we are listing common mistakes when buying a hot tub that you need to avoid.

  • Jet count
    In a hot tub, the jet count is usually one of the biggest misconceptions that people have. Now, what does it mean by counting jets? Counting jets is a medium to compare the spa with numbers. However, this metric can often be a bit misleading.
    You can find the hot tub jets in a myriad of different flow rates and sizes. So, simply because a hot tub has many jets, it does not mean that it is better than others. It is, in fact, the opposite. These days, the top-notch spa manufacturers are focused on giving their tubs a good variety in jets and placing them strategically for a better experience. When the spa has a better combination, the user can enjoy a different massage experience with each different kind of jet. Better spas enable users to monitor water pressure and flow. This certainly makes for a better hot tub experience. Often manufacturers have a habit of playing the number game. In reality, it is cheaper for the manufacturer to install several small jets as it only ‘seems’ nicer to say that a tub has a higher number of jets. So, if the jets are more, you should even check for the size of the jets.
  • Giving too much weight to the initial cost
    Another common mistake when buying a hot tub is giving too much weight to the spa’s purchase price. It is the typical mistake that a lot of first-time tub buyers make. Please understand that a hot tub is something that will stay in your home for quite some time. Thus, it is vital to give equal weight to the ongoing operational cost that you will have to bear over the hot tub’s life. Of course, the purchase price is essential, but only focusing on it will cost you a lot of money in due course. Moreover, ensure that the tub is energy efficient and very well built.
  • Not considering the installation cost
    In addition to the price tag, you also need to note the installation cost when shopping for the hot tub. Please know that you will have to spend at least USD 1000 to USD 2000 for the installation. These costs will include the accessory and chemical cost, delivery cost, electrical hook-up cost, and the base cost (the base where you will install your hot tub).