Comfortable and easy to wear, jeans never go out of style. They are a timeless staple of any woman’s wardrobe, and they can be paired with virtually anything to make a great outfit. Plus, fashion is built on trends, and jeans are no exception. Whether you prefer to dress to the nines or keep it casual, these popular jeans will help you elevate your wardrobe and create lots of unique outfits:

1. Boyfriend Jeans
Based on the concept of a woman wearing men’s jeans, presumably stolen from her boyfriend, boyfriend jeans offer a stylish, relaxed fit. They are fitted in the hips with plenty of breathing room in the legs and butt. There are several ways to style these jeans, but they look especially cute and casual when cuffed and paired with fashion sneakers. The loose fit of these jeans also makes them perfect for spring and summer wear, especially if they are distressed.

2. High waisted jeans
Thanks to high waisted jeans, or mom jeans, it’s never been easier to hide a muffin top. In recent years, almost everyone has fallen in love with high rise jeans because they are easy to wear and super flattering. This style pairs well with cropped shirts and sweaters, but you can wear them with just about anything. The first cut to adopt the high waist was the skinny jean, but almost all cuts are available with a high waist these days.

3. Jeggings
Despite the younger generation’s newfound love for mom jeans, skinny jeans are still a classic favorite, and jeggings rule supreme in the world of skin-tight denim. These pants look like skinny jeans, but they are made of a blend containing elastic to provide increased comfort and mobility. This style combines the comfort of leggings and the appearance of jeans into one sleek pair of pants. A light wash version of these jeans is perfect for spring casual wear, while a dark wash version can be styled for a classy winter look.

4. Straight leg jeans
As trends move away from figure-hugging silhouettes and start embracing looser fits, straight leg jeans are becoming increasingly popular. This style looks great with just about any top, and the legs fit perfectly over ankle boots or high-top sneakers; it is the perfect base for any casual outfit. You can find boot cut jeans in various washes and levels of distressing to suit your unique taste.

5. Boot cut jeans
A nod to the more dramatic bell-bottom jeans of the 70s, boot cut jeans were the pants of choice before skinnies took the world by storm. Recently, boot cut jeans have made a comeback, and it isn’t hard to see why. The fit and flare style of boot cut jeans enhances the butt and flatters curves. On top of that, boot cut jeans fit easily over boots—hence the name—making them the perfect pants for fall and winter.