Sticking to the same car insurance provider for a long time can prove to be costly in the long run for every customer. Many industry experts have suggested that customers must keep changing their car insurance providers every 2 to 3 years to get the most benefits. But before you make that decision, here’s what to know before switching car insurance providers:Look at all options and compare
The main thing to know before switching car insurance providers is that different car insurance providers will provide coverage for different durations. While some might provide it for 1 year, with some others you might find your insurance up for renewal in 6 months. Therefore, it is important to look for various policy options. Check all the coverage that you are getting, the discounts, the benefits, the duration, and then compare the quotes from different providers to pick the best for you.

1. Know what all is inclusive in your new insurance policy
While you are looking for options, it can be easy to get lured in by providers who quote lower than others. Sure, the quote sounds lucrative, but at the same time, it is also important to make sure that you know what you are getting for the price that you are paying. Some providers might quote less than others, but their coverage could be lesser than what you currently have. Thus, it is important to know everything about your policy before buying it.

2. Contact your current insurance provider
All insurance providers wish to maintain this customer base for as long as possible. This means that they will readily offer lucrative discounts if you express reasonable dissatisfaction with the services provided. So, if you don’t contact your current provider before switching, you might lose out on some great offers.

3. Convenience and some extra benefits should play a role in your decision
When a provider has round-the-clock customer service to offer, it can be an important factor to consider while arriving at a decision. Having a customer service support available 24×7 can make you feel confident that the company will be there whenever you need it. There are some providers who have exemplary online services that allow the customers to perform all the tasks – claim settlements, tracking repairs, etc., – at the click of a button. Before going ahead with a provider, ask if they have any mobile apps or any website which is easy to access through various devices. You must also learn about all the modes of payments the provider offers. Online modes of payments reduce the hassle you may have to go through drastically.