With so much importance being placed on physical health and mental health, it’s easy to forget about oral health and the importance of proper dental hygiene. There are various types of food and drink that can negatively affect your mouth health and will lead to cavities and gum diseases. This can also result in many visits to the dentist and even dental surgery, which can cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately there are financing options for full dental implants available if you look into plans. For now you can prevent any dental complications with this list of foods that are harming your teeth:

1. Sweetened beverages

Starting your day with your morning caffeine run might not be the best idea, especially if you take it with sugar. Coffee stains your teeth, similar to soda, and is also highly acidic which causes the enamel on your teeth to erode. These types of drinks provide fuel for cavity-promoting bacteria, so whether you choose diet soda or regular, your teeth are still being damaged. 

2. Sticky or chewy candy

Eating things like taffy, toffee or caramel that stick to your teeth should be of no surprise as negative for dental health. Sticky candies can increase the risk of dental erosion and may even pull out fillings. Because these candies are cariogenic, they cause tooth decay and cavities. 

3. Refined starchy foods

White bread may taste great for your sandwiches, but can be bad for your teeth, especially if you choose soft white bread that can stick to your teeth and gums. Other starchy foods, like white rice or potato chips can produce enamel-eroding acid because of the processed ingredients and added sugar.

4. Sugary cereals and baked goods

Being so high in added sugar and refined carbs, many kids’ cereals, morning donuts or muffins can be a poor choice for your teeth.  A better option would be plain oatmeal topped with fruit or an omelet which is free of all the extra spoonfuls of added sugar, saving your children from cavities and gum disease. 

5. Fruit juice and popsicles 

Another favorite with kids are juice boxes or ice pops, which are refreshing in the summer but cause erosion on their tiny teeth. Because of the acidity, fruit juices like apple, orange and grape are culprits for cavities. Chewing on ice or popsicles can stain teeth, crack teeth and also cause sensitivity to the teeth with eroding enamel. 

6. Alcoholic beverages

Not only is the added sugar and acidity levels in alcohol harmful to your teeth, but it is considered a risk factor for oral cancer, including the lining in the mouth, the pharynx and larynx. Alcohol also causes dry mouth which increases acidity in the mouth, causing cravings for processed foods and changing the balance of your oral bacteria.