If you have arthritis, the place you live can significantly impact how well you manage the flare-ups of the symptoms. Weather does have a negative impact on arthritis symptoms. Usually, it is the cold weather that results in stiffness and pain. So, if you have arthritis, the places with cold weather will usually be the worst places to live and should be avoided.

Let’s have a look at the worst places to live for arthritis patients.

  1. Massachusetts
    Massachusetts, also known as New England, is famous for its chilly winters. However, Massachusetts also sees a lot of rain every year. Both rain and cold weather conditions are a horrible combination for arthritis patients. Even though the degree of rain is high in Rhode Island and Connecticut, Massachusetts has one of the heaviest rainfalls in the country. Consequently, it is one of the worst places to live for arthritis patients. People with arthritis usually suffer all round the year in Massachusetts. The chilly weather in the winter can cause intense joint pain.
    Moreover, the damp conditions in the summer and spring will also be equally challenging. However, the only relief is that the state has a decent number of doctors. So, if you do see a symptom flare-up, you can rush to the doctor for immediate help. Regardless, Massachusetts is still a difficult place for arthritis patients and should not be on your list when you decide to move.
  2. Mississippi
    Sadly, in Mississippi, you may not have access to doctors to help you with your condition. More so, the humid conditions only make things worse. Mississippi is known to be a damp state, and this weather condition gets challenging for people with arthritis. The state’s temperature is cooler during the winters, but even during this period, there is a lot of rain. Hence, this place should never be an option if you have arthritis and are considering a place to settle down.
  3. Georgia
    Many of us have a common opinion about the south; we see it as a place with smiles and sunshine. As much as it is true about most southern states, the same does not hold for Georgia. The state is known for its unpredictable weather shifts and the consequent barometric pressure changes. Even on days when the weather is warm and pleasant in the morning, there can be flooding, windy, and heavy rain by the afternoon. Yes, that is how unpredictable it is in Georgia.
    Moreover, the state is susceptible to frequent hurricanes. Of course, Florida sees a lot more hurricanes than Georgia, leading to heavy rainfall here as well. In addition to it, the healthcare sector is poor in the state. Several reports have pointed out that the ratio of arthritis patients to doctors is unfavorable here. If you have arthritis and are planning to shift, keep Georgia off your list.