Maintaining a yard can be a lot of work, but when you have a system in place to ensure a smooth execution, it makes it all so much easier. To avoid having to contact the pest bug spraying companies or tree trimming companies, your yard cleanup and landscaping can be flawless with tips for lawn spraying for weed, crabgrass killer control, cleaning the leaf gutter system, and more. Here is a list of 10 yard and gardening hacks that can save you valuable time: 

1. Let your flowers self-feed

When planting seeds that self-feed you are allowing for more seeds to regenerate every season. This also helps to support insects that are beneficial to your garden. 

2. Automate a rain barrel

Instead of digging up your garden to install sprinklers, or having to hand water everything, you can attach a rain barrel to your gutters and connect it with a drip line that you can automate between plants.  

3. Use a tarp

Having a durable, heavy-duty tarp can be super useful for yard projects. You can transport leaves, rocks, soil, weeds, and many other materials. It can also be used to protect plants during bad weather. 

4. Vinegar soak old clay pots

If you use clay pots in your garden then you already know that over time they can start to get covered in mineral deposits. The easiest way to keep them cleaner for longer is to soak them in vinegar. All you have to do is mix three parts water and one part vinegar, keep the pots in for an hour, take them out and then give them a little scrub. 

5. Use eggshells for early planting

Did you know that eggshells carry valuable nutrients for soil, such as calcium? If you save your eggshell halves, they can be used for starter plants. All you have to do is add some soil and the seeds, and then watch as they sprout. The best thing about using the eggshells is that you can plant the eggshells into the soil when the shoots are ready to be transplanted. 

6. Add baking soda to soil

Baking soda has a natural alkaline substance that will help raise the pH levels in your soil if you believe it’s too acidic. Be sure to sprinkle a bit of the baking soda to the soil before you start planting, and water it to ensure it is properly mixed.  

7. Clean yard tools with mineral oil

If you have some clean sand, keep it in a small bucket where you can place your gardening tools and then spray the tools with some mineral oil. If you continue to do this every time you’re working in the yard, the combination of the oil and the sand will ensure your tools stay clean and rust-free. 

8. Raise vegetables in bags

Planting vegetable plants in light, breathable planter bags is a great way to save money and time. They have sturdy handles for transporting, and the bags themselves are great for root formation. 

9. Use cardboard as gardening material

This is a perfect idea if you want to convert a small section of your yard into a flower bed or garden, but don’t have the time to dig out grass. The important part is to cover the cardboard in mulch and water it. This will ensure that the cardboard merges with the dead grass underneath, and you can begin planting.

10. Plant more trees

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create some shade on your lawn to slow down the process of grass growth, and do something helpful for the environment? This is exactly the result of planting trees.