It’s the season for new phones and fresh new devices. Whether you are on the prowl for an upgrade, new wireless mobile monthly plans, or unlimited internet plans, there is never a shortage of options. Apple and Android lovers alike will love the lineup of phones that have amazing features, like high quality cameras, top-notch software support, and sturdy new builds. Here is a list of phones that have excellent features:

1. iPhone 15

Many people have been waiting for this iPhone as there was not much of a difference from the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 14. Some great new features include the Dynamic Island which is a free-floating notch at the top of the screen which expands to give you important time sensitive information, and the replacement of the Lightning port with the new USB-C one. This means you’ll be able to share the same cables and accessories as your other Apple devices, like iPads and Macbooks, which is super convenient. The new charger can even be shared with your Android-using friends! 

2. Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is top tier when it comes to 5G performance, which means always having a signal despite where you’re traveling. It also comes with an impressive 10x optical zoom camera and a built-in S Pen stylus which is perfect for note taking or drawing.

3. iPhone 15 Pro

Feeling like splurging? With the iPhone 15 Pro you’ll be getting worthwhile upgrades over the standard iPhone 15, including Apple’s newest mobile chipset, the A17 Pro, which is a very powerful processor. There are also two new digital lenses; a 28mm and a 35mm that are available to use by tapping the 1x icon on the camera app. Even with the new titanium build, the iPhone 15 Pro is actually smaller in size, making it more comfortable to hold.  

4. Google Pixel 7a

For a midrange phone, the Google Pixel 7a is your best option if your budget is modest. It is almost identical to the Pixel 7 Pro and costs hundreds of dollars less. Google Pixel software is the fastest and smoothest out of all Androids and has an incredible camera. 

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

If you’re looking for a flip phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is one of the best options. With all its upgrades from the Flip 4, users will find that this phone offers convenient features. Even with the phone folded in half, you can use the cover screen, which is 3.4 inches, to check your calendar, email, and even send quick messages on the QWERTY keyboard without having to open the phone.